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Construction Lawyer Hobart has a team of Security of Payment and Debt Recovery Lawyers. We help you claim your progress payments on time and in full, prepare payment claims and payment schedules as the case may be, and represent you in Adjudication and court to recover the debt you’re owed.

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Your Right to be Paid under the Security of Payment Act

Under the Security of Payment Act (Tas), contractors are able to receive progress payments through payment claims, and are able to recover unpaid debts through Adjudication and court proceedings.

Construction Lawyer Hobart helps builders and contractors get paid on time and in full, through the Security of Payment Act (Tas). We help prepare and serve payment claims, and represent clients in Adjudication and in court.

Australia’s Building and Construction Industry

The construction industry is well-known for late payments and non-payments. It makes up about 20% of all insolvencies or cases of those who are unable to pay debts.

Basically, the industry is approximately:

What is the Security of Payment Act (Tas)?

The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 2009 (Tas), otherwise known as the Security of Payment Act, is a Tasmanian law that ensures that a contractor who performs construction work or supplies related good and services, on public and private sectors in Tasmania, is entitled to promptly recover all progress payments due, including final payments and retention monies.

This process is quick and inexpensive, and most importantly, it does away with the old “pay when paid” system that has contributed to insolvies in the Australian construction industry.

Your Rights Under the Act

These rights cannot be contracted out of. “Paid when paid” provisions are also now void.

We help Contractors, Builders, Landscapers, Suppliers, Principals by:

Matters We Assist You With

Contractors Who Are Unpaid, Underpaid, or Paid Past Due

We help you recover the payment you’re owed and make sure you’re promptly paid the full amount you’re entitled to.

Payment Claims and Payment Schedules

We help prepare payment claims for contractors’ progress payments. On the other hand, we also help builders and owners/principals prepare payment schedules to counter unjustified claims.


Once the overdue payment becomes a demandable debt, the claimant may opt to undergo Adjudication. We can help you lodge an Adjudication application, and assist you through the process. Adjudication is a quick and inexpensive alternative to court litigation.

Court Litigation

Should you opt instead to go straight to court, or should debt recovery reach the stage where the claim needs to be recovered in court through a judgment, we can represent you in litigation.

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