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We are specialist construction lawyers who help builders, contractors, and homeowners in Hobart resolve their legal matter.

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We are building dispute lawyers, and we help you enforce your rights

We are Construction Law experts, and our sound, practical legal advice will help you protect and enforce your rights through every stage of the construction life cycle.

Building disputes our Construction Lawyers can help you with

Residential Building Disputes

Home building disputes normally arise during construction, because of defects, variations, delays. We can help you resolve these disputes by helping you make an informed decision on your legal options. We also prepare the necessary paperwork that you will need, should you pursue the matter through alternative dispute resolution procedures, and represent you should you wish to lodge your matter in a tribunal or court.

Non-Residential Building Disputes

We also help clients who are in dispute on the matter of commercial construction.

Payment Disputes

The construction industry is rife with payment disputes and cases of insolvency. We help you recover progress payments, on time and in full, through the Security of Payment Act, and through debt recovery procedures including Adjudication and court.

Contract Disputes

Building disputes typically arise out of a failure or refusal of one or both parties to fulfill their obligations under the contract. When a dispute arises, we review your contract and all relevant documents, prepare the necessary paperwork, and advise you accordingly, on how best to proceed and find resolution.


Variations are changes or alterations to the scope of works, usually imposed after the contract has been signed. Variations give rise to dispute when they are unconsented. Variations also result in a change in price, not unusually, to a price increase, which normally escalates into a dispute. We help you resolve variations disputes efficiently and effectively.

Tribunal and with court

We represent clients in tribunals and in court, and work towards a favourable resolution of their matter.

Top 3 causes of building disputes we deal with

Poor workmanship,

Slow, incomplete,
abandoned work, delays

Overcharging and
improper variations

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