Construction Lawyer Hobart Services

Specialist Building and Construction Lawyers

Construction Lawyer Hobart has been in the active practice of Construction Law for more than 10 years now. We are specialists, so you can be sure we have in-depth knowledge and expertise on every aspect of construction – from contract drafting and negotiation, to building dispute resolution, payment claims, termination of contract, and litigation. 

We give practical legal advice to small builders, homeowners, and contractors, at small firm rates.

Construction Contracts

We draft contracts to make sure your rights are protected. We review your construction contract and advise you accordingly, so that you can administer your contract well and also mitigate risks associated with construction.

Building Dispute Lawyer

Whichever way you choose to resolve your building dispute, we can guide you through it. We give legal assistance in matters lodged with the tribunals.

Security of Payments Lawyer

We help contractors get paid. We help prepare payment claims and payment schedules, and assist in debt recovery procedures in Adjudication and court.

Construction Lawyer Hobart is operated by Contracts Specialist Building Solicitors and Attorneys.

We are specialist construction lawyers who help clients resolve matters involving Building Disputes, Construction Contracts, and Security of Payment on a day-to-day basis.