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Construction Lawyer Hobart is a specialist building and construction law firm based in Hobart, Tasmania. We help clients with matters involving Building Disputes, Building Contracts, Security of Payment and Debt Recovery.

About Construction Lawyer Hobart

Construction Lawyer Hobart is managed by Contracts Specialist.

We are a small building and construction law firm committed to helping small builders, homeowners, and contractors resolve construction-related legal matters.

About Contracts Specialist and John Dela Cruz

John Dela Cruz
John Dela Cruz, Principal Lawyer of Contracts Specialist

John Dela Cruz has over 10 years experience in the practice of Construction Law. Everyday, he helps homeowners, builders, and contractors secure a favourable outcome for their legal matter.

His experience as a specialist building and construction lawyer has been shaped to a large part by having played key roles in the construction industry. He had previously served as Government solicitor, and had, early in his career, worked as corporate legal counsel for a Dow 30 construction company.

He had also assumed leadership positions. He served as Division President and Councillor of Master Builders Association NSW. 

Concurrently with being the Principal Lawyer of Australia-wide construction law firm Contracts Specialist, he is also the CEO of Small Builders Building Software and Home Building App.

John Dela Cruz understands your situation, and makes sure you do, too. He takes time to explain the situation in simple terms, and ensures that you are able to make an informed decision on your legal matter.

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